Application of medicated oil all over the body and face in synchronized manner for 45 minutes in 7 postures with the palm of the han


Herbal leaves or powdered drugs or Njavara and made into bolvo, and apply all over the body repeatedly heating in medicated oil.



Done in medicated herbal leaves.


In powdered herbal drugs.

Navaranga kizhi

Medicated leaves in naranga mainly for revitalization to look young

Navara Kizhi

In paste of njavara made into kizhi


Lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body from a specific height


Medicated oil or lukewarm herbal leaves decotn is poured into whole body or head separately in a special manner in special vessels.


Application of paste of herbal drugs or leaves locally which reduces swelling, pain, stiffness etc.


All these Snehana and Swedana procedures will


Relaxes and refreshes the whole body


Rhythamic movement of the Op helps to relieve joint pain, muscle stiffness, and eliminates impurities from the body.


Helps to increase the circulation and stimulating the whole body to get energesed


Improve the brain function etc..


To retain the medicated oil for a limited period. Eg: In anus, or painful joints etc and named after that.
(a) Kashaya and thailavasthy - throy in
(b) Sirrovasthy - To retain the orch in the head for a certain period in a specified manner which relieve certain neck problem, anxiety, tension etc.
(c) Kateevasthy - Heap the oil in lond back region in a special manner for Lrsa, IVDP etc.
(d) Jararvasthy - Similarly in knee for ostea asthets knee etc.